New York MS-13 member accused of horrendous murder roamed freely for days after faulty release

6 days ago

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A New York gang-member accused of murder has been wrongfully released and roamed freely for four days before being re-incarcerated earlier this month.

Ever Morales-Lopez, 26, who is also nicknamed “White Boy” and “Lenky” was busted in 2016 for a bloody murder with hammers he allegedly perpetrated along with several fellow MS-13 gang members.

On Sept. 3, Morales-Lopez was mistakenly released from the Washington Correctional Facility despite his alleged involvement in six murders, two attempted murders, and a kidnapping conspiracy.

The mistaken release of Morales-Lopez was discovered on September 8 and the Long Island Gang Task Force launched an intensified search to locate him.

He was busted 12 hours later and is being held without bail. A federal court judge called him a “serious risk” and a “danger to the community.”