Hospital staff where DMX lays send message to crowds gathered outside as star’s brain undergoes tests to determine his fate

1 month ago

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Days after suffering a heart attack that left his brain deprived of oxygen for half an hour, rapper DMX’s condition remains unchanged as he lays in a coma at White Plains Hospital.

“DMX is currently on life support and in a coma,” the artist’s manager Steve Rifkind said. “There are multiple people with inaccurate information about his well-being and it is not helpful and productive.”

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  • The 50-year-old will undergo brain tests today to determine whether or not to keep him on life support as family and fans hold out hope.

    “This is a very difficult time for the family. They are standing by his bedside, holding his hand and praying. They are really in prayer mode.”

    The rapper’s children and family members joined hundreds of fans gathered outside the hospital Tuesday in an emotional vigil that saw the medical staff sending compassionate messages and making X signs with their arms out of windows.