Suspect on way to jail manages to drive off patrol car with hands cuffed behind back, leads police into chase

12 days ago

Atwood news, Kansas news.

Kansas authorities are still not sure how a suspect with his hands cuffed behind his back could possibly steal the police car and lead them into a chase.

The unusual incident occurred near Atwood, Kansas Saturday as Joshua Swartwout was being transported to a detention facility.

The officer in charge left Swartwout alone momentarily inside the patrol and rushed to help colleagues at a motorcycle crash scene, thinking Swartwout could do nothing without his hands.

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  • But the 23-year-old suspect jumped to the driver seat and drove off prompting stunned officers to follow him in a chase that ended an hour later, with the patrol car running out of gas.

    Even then, Swartwout refused to give up, jumped out of the vehicle, and ran away on foot, with his hands still behind his back.

    Swartwout was arrested and brought the jail without incident.