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Ohio couple found dead after pointing to murder-suicide on social media

Florida mom drowns child in hotel bathtub before going to swim in lake repeating ‘God forgive me’

Florida woman killed, buried husband in backyard before remarrying above same spot

Texas father kills infant and toddler daughters then self amid custody dispute


Residents of South Dakota town lost power when bird dropped snake at substation

Virginia suspect charged with murder after lifeless body of missing man discovered in North Carolina

Ohio teens dropped large log off cliff killing photographer: ‘I’ll carry that for the rest of my life’

South Carolina siblings abducted from bedroom; Mom wanted for questioning

Former Arlington cop indicted in wrongful death of mom-of-3 shot during welfare check

TikTok and WeChat blocked in American AppStores beginning Sunday

California boy, 7, brain dead after being attacked by mom, boyfriend: ‘He’s not going to make it’

Virginia man caught on video robbing military vet as he suffered fatal heart attack on bus

UPS driver dies in police-involved shootout after being taken hostage; Family sues law enforcement

New Mexico parents charged with death of son from untreated cancer: ‘Just a tragedy case’

Man travels from Kentucky to Illinois on bus with suitcases packed with girlfriend’s body parts

Toddler, 4, fires at grandmother after discovering gun in family’s car

September 17th 2020

Wisconsin authorities confused by package content found in beach

California mom ‘who minded her own business’ found slaughtered in her car trunk

Alaska dentist sentenced to decade in jail for operating patient on hoverboard

Parents of infant girl arrested after she stopped breathing, had 12 broken ribs and fractured wrist

Man goes on murder-spree killing 3 people, including father-to-be in front of horrified pregnant wife

Texas woman, 20, with cerebral palsy shot and killed while sleeping when rival gang targeted brother’s home

Aunt’s boyfriend who ‘mercilessly’ killed 2 children with hammer says they both planned the murders

Man calls 911 to report what looked like baby-doll on the roadside; Police discover dead toddler

Suspect leaves behind winning lottery ticket after fleeing cops: ‘You’ll get your ticket, but we’ll keep the meth’