Body of Illinois college student found in field; Homicide scene discovered 9 miles away from home

29 days ago

North Fork Township news, Illinois news.

Illinois State Police are assisting the Harrisburg Police Department in their investigation after the discovery of a dead college student at an agricultural area over the weekend.

Investigators said that Mishealia Meredith, 19, later called her mom on Friday night to tell her that she was arriving at home, but never did.

On Sunday, police discovered Meredith’s body in a farm field located in a secluded area near North Fork Township. They said that the closest home to the field was half a mile away.

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  • Meredith’s phone, however, led detectives to an El Dorado home in the 800 block of High Street. There, “evidence of a homicide” was found.

    “Very scared, very scared,” resident Nova Palmer said. “Being that it’s just right across the road, you never know when is gonna happen. My family is my life and it’s terrifying.”

    No arrests have been made in the case.