Convicted child rapist and murderer walks free on crime’s 24th anniversary, goes to live next elementary school

2 months ago

Dixon news, Illinois news.

The parents of a one-year-old girl who had been brutally abused and murdered 24 years ago are outraged to know that her killer now lives freely next to a Crystal Lake elementary school.

47-year-old Cayce M. Williams was released Thursday after spending half his sentence in connection with the rape and murder of Quortney Kley.

Quortney’s mother, Gretta Morgan, was Williams’ girlfriend when they were younger and following a break-up, she married and had two daughters. But after her divorce, she said that she conciliated with Williams.

On that fateful day, Williams had driven her to work then returned to babysit the girls whom he did not like, particularly Quortney.

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    After his arrest, Williams said, “Quortney was giving me a hard time and wouldn’t go to sleep and I killed her.” Morgan added: “It never crossed my mind that he would have done something this horrific.”

    The tot’s biological dad, Jesse Kley, was waiting outside the Dixon Correctional Center on Thursday, but couldn't face Williams who was escorted by cops.

    “I want him to see someone is here for her. His time may be done here, but she’s not forgotten,” Kley said.

    “I was on my hands and knees bawling the day she died. I think that day something snapped in me. A lot of people tell me I’m not the same.”