Parents shocked after discovering more than 5,000 pills stuffed inside daughter’s toy

2 months ago

El Mirage news, Arizona news.

An Arizona couple was left in total shock after discovering that a used toy they’ve bought for their toddler had more than 5,000 pills of fentanyl inside.

“Parents purchased a glow-worm at a thrift store in El Mirage for their daughter and found a sandwich bag with over 5,000 pills believed to be fentanyl inside,” Phoenix Police said in a statement.

“They called police and gave the dangerous drugs to officers. Remember to inspect all opened and used items.”

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  • Special Agent Cheri Oz said that the parents were frightened to find the stash of fatal drugs inside the toy as they cleaned it.

    “They did the exact right thing. It was sad that a family was scared, put at risk,” Oz said adding that the incident was quite an “anomaly.”

    “Drug traffickers will ensure delivery of contraband into another drug trafficker’s hands. Each of those pills had the potential to kill one or two people.”