Charges dropped against dad who killed son’s mom amid kidnapping as he lays in vegetative state following suicide-attempt

3 month ago

Maricopa County news, Arizona news.

The Arizona father who caused his son’s mother’s death earlier this month as he tried to kidnap the baby had charges against him dropped after a likely successful suicide attempt.

Eric Maes remains in a vegetative state after he tried to take his own life at the Maricopa County Jail where he was being held since Brittany Walker-Martie’s murder.

The woman was loading her 10-month-old son Abel into her car when Maes got into the driver seat and sped off, leaving her hanging on to the vehicle.

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  • Maes told detectives that he intentionally struck Walker-Martie when she was thrown away. She later died at a local hospital.

    The father had left Abel unharmed on a road before his arrest. He was charged with first-degree murder, endangerment, theft, and kidnapping.

    The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office said that Maes tried to commit suicide this weekend and that he is currently “medically incapacitated” and not expected to survive.

    “We did not do this to show mercy for the defendant. We certainly did this because his parents were asking that of us,” the attorney’s office said.