NY woman missing since last appearing face-bruised in video call: ‘If anything happens to me, I love y’all’

2 months ago

Buffalo news, New York news.

It’s been two weeks since a Buffalo woman was heard from in a disturbing call and her worried family is now seeking authorities’ help to locate her.

22-year-old Tiara Lott had her face bruised during her last video call with a friend on January 29.

Noticing her miserable condition, the friend offered to send an Uber and pick her up but the call suddenly cut off.

Lott would later a haunting text message to the same friend, the last before she went missing.

“God forbid, if anything happens to me, that I love y’all and tell everybody.”

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  • Lott’s mom along with relatives looked for her everywhere including at her boyfriend’s home from where she is believed to have sent the message.

    “We found her clothes in the house, her boots. We went back to the house four days later, and we found my baby’s coat with her IDs in it.”

    She added that she’s tried to collect security footage herself in the neighborhood but would appreciate further assistance from Buffalo Police.

    “I’m out here everyday looking, running up in abandoned buildings, train tracks. I’m going crazy right now,” the distraught mom said.

    Anyone with information regarding Lott’s whereabouts is urged to call 911 or privately at (716) 847-2255.