Louisiana mom killed by hitmen hired by rapist brother to kill his victim niece

28 days ago

Montegut news, Louisiana news.

A brave Louisiana mom was gunned down by hitmen that stormed her home to kill the rape victim of her own brother that is no one else but her young daughter.

To conceal his crimes, 37-year-old Beaux Cormier sent two of his pals, Andrew Eskine and Dalvin Wilson, to murder his niece at her Montegut home on Jan. 13.

But once there, the target’s mom and Cormier’s sister, Brittany Cormier, pretended to be the rape victim prompting the hitmen to kill her while her daughter hid in a closet.

Brittany’s neighbor Hope Nettleton was also killed while defending the mom, police said.

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  • “Brittany Cormier was murdered as a result of telling the shooter she was in fact the rape victim, likely saving the life of the actual victim,” Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Timothy Soignet said.

    Samantha Le Maire, a longtime friend of Brittany, said that what she did was not strange and that she ‘would do anything for her kids.”

    “I would have never thought it would ever have come down to this. I like to think she locked them in the closet to protect them,” referring to Brittany’s daughter and stepdaughter.

    The three suspects are being held on $2 million bond facing two counts of first-degree murder: “The death penalty is definitely on the table,” District Attorney Joe Waitz Jr. said.