Former pest exterminator jailed after refusing to handwork dog back to employer: ‘Nothing’s going to come between me & her’

1 month ago

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A New York man is under fire after he refused to give back his service dog to the pest-control company he worked for prior to the pandemic.

37-year-old Barry Myrick was laid off in March when he refused to work as a Covid cleaner for the M&M Environmental Company without Roxy.

His employer asked him to give back the bedbug-finding trained dog, something he completely rejects after strongly bounding with the canine.

“She’s my best friend,” Myrick said. “I committed to her long ago, and nothing’s going to come between me and her. She’s part of our family.”

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  • M&M filed a grand larceny lawsuit against Myrick who was jailed in August since he had signed in 2016 to return Roxy when his contract ends with the firm.

    “I spent 15 hours in jail. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. The story I heard were unreal – someone beat their stepdad with a baseball bat. I couldn’t tell anyone I was there for a puppy.”

    The company’s lawyer argued that Roxy’s training cost $15,000: “My client did not give this guy a gift of $15,000.” The firm also suggested Myrick would use the dog in a competing business.

    “That’s the last thing I’m thinking about,” the defendant replied. “My only concern is to not be separated from her. I’m not starting a competing business in a pandemic with no money.”