15-year-old Oklahoma boy left disfigured with massive damage to face after being attacked by vicious dog that remains free

1 month ago

Yukon news, Oklahoma news.

The family of an Oklahoma teen left with horrific facial injuries is asking the owner of the dog involved to come forward.

According to Tamara Doonkeen, her 15-year-old son was just walking by a store with two female friends when the trio crossed the savage canine’s dog late Monday.

The dog initially targeted the girls but the boy tried to lure it away only to be his new target, the mom said.

“It went after the girls first, and he distracted the pitbull and, unfortunately, took one for the team,” Doonkeen said.

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  • “It got his face, completely ripped his right side of his face-off,” she said.

    “If this would’ve been a smaller child, they wouldn’t have survived. If it would’ve got my son’s throat, he wouldn’t have survived.”

    The girls were not harmed but the boy’s injuries disfigured him considerably and he has now to undergo reconstructive surgeries.

    “We need the dog surrendered. We need to prevent this from happening again. It’s been a nightmare, to say the least.”