Software engineer walks into Sunnyvale Police Station; tells clerk he’d just killed wife, daughter

1 month ago

Sunnyvale news, California news.

A California man has reportedly surrendered after killing his wife and daughter last Wednesday.

Leonid Solomonovich Yamburg arrived at the Sunnyvale Police station and told the clerk in the entrance that he murdered his wife.

Officers rushed to Yamburg’s home on the 900 block of West Homestead Road and discovered that his wife and daughter were dead.

The body of Svetlana Nikitina Yamburg was found in the garage of the residence while her 11-year-old daughter’s body was inside a bathroom.

Both victims had trauma injuries to the head. The medical examiner will later determine their actual cause of death.

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  • “Once our officers arrived there, they, unfortunately, found the suspect’s wife dead inside the garage, and the suspect’s daughter dead inside one of the bathrooms,” Captain Craig Anderson said.

    “Shortly after that, we immediately arrested the suspect.”

    Yamburg, who remains in custody, kept silent since his initial confession and asked for a lawyer.

    His wife was a therapist and resource specialist for the Franklin-McKinley and Cupertino Union school districts.

    “We are so saddened by the tragedy and are working to support our students, staff, and community during this very difficult time of tremendous loss. She was very beloved,” the school district said.