2 men armed with rifle fatally shoot 22-year-old as he responded to door at NYC recording studio

1 month ago

Staten Island news, New York news.

NYPD is actively looking for two men who fatally shot a third as he responded to the front door of a Staten Island recording studio late Saturday.

23-year-old Jahade Chancey heard a knock and went opening the door at the Demonlow recording studio that had just opened five months ago on Van Duzer Street.

It was about 7:45 p.m. when Chancey was rushed to a nearby hospital where he later died after sustaining gunshots to the back.

The suspects are, according to preliminary accounts, two men armed with a rifle.

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  • They remain at large and it is unclear if Chancey was the target of the shooting.

    “This really just broke my heart, he really didn’t deserve this,” Jess Dime said on Facebook.

    “This is such a loss. He was a good kid…didn’t deserve this,” Vicki Donnelly added.

    According to the recording studio social media, it has already represented local rap artists Snoop, Bellagio, and BroGod.