Unclothed man dies by electrocution just after shoving straphanger onto tracks in Harlem subway

1 month ago

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A New York City man escaped death at around 3:30 p.m. Saturday when a naked and visibly disturbed assailant shoved him onto the tracks of a Harlem subway.

A Good Samaritan intervened to help the victim get back up to the platform but the assailant followed them in the trackbed where he started hitting the hero straphanger.

As the pair struggled to escape before the train’s arrival, the unclothed man battered them before he touched the electrified third rail and died at the scene.

“It happens more than you think. I mean you live in New York? You know what’s like on the subway these days,” a station employee said.

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  • “Absolutely crazy,” another straphanger commented. “I used to stand at the edge of the platform. You know, waiting for the doors to open.”

    She continued: “I don’t do that anymore. I am just more careful. I’m a native New Yorker. I know what time it is. You see I’m standing with my back to the wall.

    That’s because I don’t want anyone coming up behind me.”

    “There’s been a lot of this lately,” she added. “People pushing, people shoving, but can you imagine?”