One dead, 3 dying on mattress during ‘exorcism’ ritual at Queens home

1 month ago

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A 30-year-old man stands accused of murdering his dad and nearly killing three relatives during an “exorcism” ritual at their Queens apartment Thursday.

Jamie Walker contacted police and said he “hurt someone” after fatally stabbing his 72-year-old dad Loandous Walker in the bathroom.

Walker’s mom, also 72, his older brother, and his sister-in-law were agonizing on a mattress with “multiple bottles” of an unknown substance near them.

According to neighbors, the family was known for being religious though their actual religion remains unspecified.

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  • The witnesses said that they used to hear the family chanting at the home so when they heard their screams on that fateful morning, they thought it was just ordinary chanting.

    “They know they do their chanting so they didn’t take into consideration,” a neighbor said.

    Toxicology results will determine the substance used in poisoning the three relatives who nearly died. Two of them have since improved.

    Sources said that Jamie killed his dad because he heard voices telling him he was devil-obsessed.