New York men arrested when they tried to recover drugs & money left in rental vehicle

2 months ago

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New York Police officers said that two men were taken into custody without incidents when they returned to a rental car company to retrieve a stash of drugs and a considerable amount of money they’d forgotten.

The Albany International Airport firm contacted police Wednesday after discovering the forgotten items inside the car and shortly later, the two suspects showed up.

Aasim Hilts and Shariff Frasier were accused of possessing 140 heroin envelopes, 35 grams of MDMA, 62 counterfeit oxycodone pills, 10 suboxone strips, and marijuana.

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  • Further research revealed that Hilts also had over $5,600 in cash.

    The 26-year-old was hit with ten counts of drug possession and released under probation.

    Frasier was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana in the second degree.