United Airlines passengers outraged after ‘shaking, sweating’ passenger dies mid-flight from Covid-19

4 month ago

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A United Airlines passenger was allowed to get on board while experiencing severe coronavirus symptoms only to die mid-flight leaving all 179 passengers in outrage.

Flight United 591 saw the man heavily sweating, shaking, and breathless minutes after it took off Orlando in the direction to Los Angeles.

Horrified passengers related how they watched the man’s last moments as the medical team tried unsuccessfully to keep him alive.

“An entire plane had to watch him seize or have a heart attack none of us know which, and die,” passenger Shay said on Twitter.

“Before I sat in my seat, walking through the aisle you could see that he was having a hard time breathing. I made eye contact with his wife and looked at him and she just looked down. I believe he passed around the time we took off.”

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  • “But the medical personnel who helped him on the flight tried to revive him for an hour…the family was crying, people were freaking out, he was shocked twice, given an epi-pen, 2 shots of adrenaline and mouth to mouth after chest compressions…”

    The plane made an emergency landing at Louisiana before it took off again to Los Angeles, not allowing the passengers to rebook elsewhere.

    “Can I ask how you guys let a Covid positive man on my flight last night?” another witness said. “He was shaking and sweating boarding the plane. He was clearly sick and then died mid-flight.”

    “We had an emergency landing in New Orleans and we didn’t even switch planes afterwards. We all sat there for hours waiting while you guys cleaned up his blood and germs with wet wipes. Is this how you guys handle other people’s safety and health?”

    The company said that the man filled a form before boarding claiming that he was not Covid-infected and that all the passengers have been placed in quarantine.