United Airlines executive mysteriously vanishes at forest where he used to train: ‘Something absolutely not right’

3 month ago

Elmhurst news, Illinois news.

During an emergency call, the ex-wife of a missing United Airlines executive who went missing this summer described his disappearance as “something absolutely not right.”

On August 8, Kristine Cefolia called police to report the mysterious disappearance of her ex-husband, Jake Cefolia, after she did not hear from him in a while.

“I’m filing a missing person report. Nobody’s seen him since Thursday and he hasn’t reached out to any family members at all,” she claimed at the time.

She grew worried after the 49-year-old man didn’t come to her home to see his kids as usually did: “I have someone checking to see if he’s on a flight somewhere. Something is absolutely not right.” Kristine added.

Jake was last seen alive in a gas station on Aug. 7. He was wearing khakis, hiking boots, and a baseball hat, according to reports.

Police found his empty car at the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve the following day. He reportedly left his Apple watch and cell phone at his Elmhurst home.