Luxurious rented Ferrari catches fire on Chicago highway injuring driver, friend

2 months ago

Chicago news, Illinois news.

Two Chicago men have sustained injuries but are “blessed to be alive” after their rented Ferrari caught fire along a Chicago highway on Saturday.

It was 12:45 a.m. when the 22-year-old driver lost control and flipped due to traveling at high-speed.

The Ferrari 458 Italia rolled over and burst into flames. The driver and a 20-year-old passenger were hospitalized with minor injuries.

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  • One of the two wreck’s victims' mom said that her son still has air trapped between his lungs and chest.

    “They are going in to see where the air is coming from. This is why I pray over my children. God was watching out for my son and his friend.”

    The lavish sports car was rented for the weekend. Its estimated value starts at around $245,000.