Doting boy stabbed to death by mentally ill older brother as he tried to console him: ‘Just drenched in blood’

2 months ago

Renton news, Washington news.

A mentally ill man is being held at the King County Prison after he fatally stabbed his younger brother with a large kitchen knife outside the family house in Renton.

A call with his psychiatrist made Bobby Hak visibly frustrated Saturday afternoon.

The 22-year-old became agitated and his mother sent her younger son to comfort him.

But Bobby grew violent and started chasing after his 11-year-old sibling, Murphy Hak while holding a large knife. The boy was just trying to calm him down, their shocked mother Shanty Hak, recalls.

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  • “That’s the time I started and called Murphy. I said ‘Murphy, run out of the house.’ He was panicked because he didn’t know what to do.”

    Bobby reached his brother outside their home and repeatedly stabbed him on the sidewalk, in broad daylight.

    According to neighbor Thomas Rountree, Murphy was lying in a pool of blood that covered the entire sidewalk.

    “I got closer and I just saw all this blood. It literally looked like the kid got into a shower and was just drenched in blood.”

    Shanty described her late son as a loving and respectful child: “I miss him so much, he was my boy.” She said. “Absolutely heartbroken. We are devastated.”