Florida couple mysteriously murdered at Miami luxurious rental home

2 months ago

Miami-Dade news, Florida news.

Miami-Dade police are seeking the community’s help to locate the killer of a young man and a woman whose lifeless bodies were discovered inside a luxurious house on Nov. 17.

The victims were identified as 26-year-old Jessica Moye and Tyron Coleman, 23.

Both were found dead Tuesday at about 11:30 a.m. inside a rental property in South Miami-Dade.

The grisly discovery was made by a housekeeper who came to clean the home.

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  • As of Friday, no suspect has been arrested and detectives have yet to provide further details regarding the circumstances of the killings.

    During an interview, Moye’s uncle who raised her since she was 12 expressed his shock following her brutal murder.

    “The picture does not do her any justice. She was a beautiful child, a beautiful person. I just miss her being around. I’m missing her now.”

    “This is not easy. Our Jessica was like a daughter, not a niece,” he said.

    A reward worth of $3,000 is being offered with the hope to track down the young couple’s possible murderer.