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Memphis toddler, 3, gunned down father while playing with stranger’s gun who asked parents for ride

Convicted child molester found murdered in jail; Cellmate suspected

Makeup artist who killed 2 newborns surrenders after being convicted without showing up in court

Speeding driver on the run after shooting at children playing basketball in neighborhood

Trying to beat Trump Town Hall ratings, here’s what TikTok users did

Missing Florida mom-of-3 last spotted shopping at Walmart found dead in submerged car

Amber Alert for 2 siblings abducted by non-custodial mom, listed in ‘extreme danger’

October 18th 2020

San Bernardino officer opened fire on her husband; before killing two children and self

First female federal inmate set to be executed in 7 decades is convicted killer of pregnant woman

Man in custody for triple homicide at Dallas Hotel room where he was spotted on murder-day

Homeless woman, 30, found murdered with bloody nose, and footprints all over her

Michigan man killed tenants who ‘like partying, keeping him up at night’

Seattle man holding flaming torches approached police cruiser, lit it on fire with 2 cops inside

Hiker, 29, found dead and barefoot in Arizona Canyon Trail known as ‘power vortex’

Kentucky dad opens fire at wife, three children killing toddler daughter

Tiredness or Speed: hardworking Queens’s nurse tragically dies underneath burning car after crashing, getting ejected

New Jersey man arrested less than half-an-hour after being released on bond

October 17th 2020

Manhunt ongoing for New Orleans man who fatally beat toddler girl at hotel room and wasn’t seen since

Stepbrother stands accused of 1999 murder of young woman found with throat slit

Uncommon weather conditions: Record-breaking wildfire consumes Colorado as Ohio awakes to chilling cold

Teen girl who told police her friends pushed large log off cliff ‘for fun’ killing photographer is now charged

Infant boy dies after ingesting fatal drug-mix left within reach by blacked-out mom

Day after death of Syracuse University student, another freshman dies at campus

Hurricane preparations in Louisiana unveil remains of missing woman in empty warehouse

Indiana grandma inflicted severe torture to little girl, scalded & disfigured her because she ‘wet herself’

Houston teen fatally shot when he threatened armed man with fake AR-15

Search for mysterious man who vanished after dropping off dying girl at Indiana hospital