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Judges in Kentucky order COVID-19 patients who refuse quarantine to wear GPS monitors

Nurse who murdered girlfriend doctor: ‘I killed her because she gave me coronavirus’

4-year-old dies after discharging gun while adult relatives gathered upstairs

Florida woman held without bond after live-streaming self wandering in streets as she waits for COVID-19 test results


Woman in quarantine after losing parents, brother to coronavirus while husband remains on ventilator

Nurse infected with coronavirus: ‘It hurts like hell…Worse than a gunshot’

Bus driver who appeared in video, frustrated over irresponsible riders, dies of COVID-19

COVID-19 infected man caught on video spitting on straphanger, vomiting and coughing before falling dead

Minnesota man stabs roommate’s eyes before shooting him 16 times using 2 rifles because he wanted him to move out

30-year-old New Jersey baseball coach succumbs to coronavirus 2 days after positive diagnosis

Man cutting lawn discovers decomposing wrapped body underneath old mattress

10 people, including a 99-year-old, charged after attending party in New Jersey

Toddler dies when depressed grandmother drowned him while bathing, ‘thinking he would be better off in heaven’

4 New York teens assaulted and robbed woman wearing mask because ‘she would infect people’

April 2nd 2020

Pennsylvania man who lost job amid pandemic shoots girlfriend before taking own life

‘Armed and dangerous’ Kansas man still at large days after gunning down girlfriend, daughter

Across America: More states issued or extended stay-at-home orders as COVID-19 claimed over 1,000 lives in one day

End-of-life coronavirus patient allowed saying farewell to family via FaceTime

Exhausted NYC paramedic over COVID-19 situation: ‘We’re bringing patients to hospitals to die’

Florida man sprays bottle he labeled COVID-19 on business; Saying ‘you’re now infected

Wash. troopers chased high-speeding car for 50-miles to find pit bull behind wheel

Maryland man held without bond after hosting 60 people for bonfire in 2nd gathering this week

US soldier, infant killed by drunk boyfriend when he ‘blacked out’