‘Tragic incident’ when family’s German shepherd fatally mauled baby girl as she slept with parents

1 month ago

Hampton news, Virginia news.

A 2-month-old Virginia girl was pronounced dead at her parents’ Hampton house early Monday morning after being brutally mauled by their German shepherd, authorities said.

The infant was sleeping with both parents when they were awaked by the animal attacking her, Sgt. Amanda Moreland said in a statement.

“There is nothing that would indicate this was anything other than a tragic accident,” she added.

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  • Several news outlets initially reported that the tot was sleeping with both parents when the dog attacked her but other media sources said that she was in an electronic crib near her parents.

    She died from multiple injuries resulting from the canine attack, autopsy revealed.

    Police found the 7-year-old animal dead after one of the girl’s parents shot it.

    The canine had not been violent during all the years it had been living with the couple, reports said.