Woman horrifically crushed in elevator as she moved furniture into new home

4 month ago

Boston news, Massachusetts news.

A 38-year-old Boston woman was pronounced dead after a tragic incident inside an elevator last month, police said.

Carrie O’Connor worked at Boston University and was moving into her new apartment in Alston when she passed away.

O’Connor was caught on video surveillance moving a large 80-pound package using the 60-year-old elevator before she became trapped.

At one point, a neighbor tried to help O’Connor opening the exterior door for her as she carried the heavy furniture.

“He was helping her with a box into the building and he was going up the stairs, and he told her ‘hey, just be careful because it’s an old-fashioned elevator’.”

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  • “He just said ‘oh, I don’t think that’s gonna fit in there. ‘And then she’s like, ‘oh, I’ll try it one more time’. And then I heard her screaming, and I heard him screaming,” another neighbor said.

    As O’Connor lifted the furniture bumping the switch, the elevator fell downwards and she plummeted backward “into the hoistway between the 1st floor and basement floor.”

    The woman’s body was crushed between the elevator and the shaft.

    “Based upon my technical inspection, my investigation, and my observation of the video, there is no indication that any malfunction occurred with the elevator,” Inspector Martin Guiod said.

    “It is my conclusion that the elevator was operating as designed.”