New York mom & son shot innocent man dead over $350 car repair: ‘It’s hard to image’

1 month ago

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A Queens man was shot more than a dozen times when he went speaking with a repairman who was supposed to do work in his van for $350.

Raymond Jackson, 22, wasn’t ready to discuss the matter with Lasaaun Lawrence, 27, who took the money and did not fix anything in the car.

Jackson’s mom, Avita Campbell, 38, approached Lawrence’s car and smashed the windshield with a metal pipe before her son opened fire at the man several times.

Campbell then drove with her son away only to be arrested 10 days later when traffic officers discovered a loaded gun in her car.

The investigation later revealed Campbell’s gun was the same weapon used to murder Lawrence. Inside her car, many stolen credit cards and $10,000 in cash was also recovered.

On Friday, she was charged with second-degree murder, weapons possession, criminal mischief, unlawful possession of personal identification in addition to other offenses.

“It is hard to image a mother teaming up with her son to commit murder, but that is sadly what happened here,” DA Melinda Katz said. “The defendants charged in this case sought out the victim with the intent to do him harm. This was vicious, senseless revenge over a petty dispute.”