Florida man gunned down new neighbor amid argument at trailer home

1 month ago

Leesburg news, Florida news.

Leesburg Police arrested a 61-year-old man for shooting his new neighbor dead during a fierce argument.

According to a press release from The Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect who was identified as Scott Curtiss Rudolph was taken into custody Saturday for first-degree murder charges following the death of his 61-year-old neighbor Jerry Michael Stewart.

The victim and his family had moved to live at their mobile home park for nearly 22 days.

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  • Rudolph reportedly had two loaded firearms when he was arrested by law enforcement at a fenced port of his new property where he was hiding.

    He admitted murdering Stewart after they both got into a fight. However, the motive of the killing remained unclear as of Sunday morning.

    The suspect is being held without bond. It was not confirmed if he named an attorney who could speak on his behalf.