Speeding driver on the run after shooting at children playing basketball in neighborhood

2 months ago

Akron news, Ohio news.

Ohio authorities are seeking people’s assistance to locate an armed man who fired at children playing basketball in their neighborhood after they told him to slow down.

The incident occurred when a teen boy, 15, began screaming at the man. He stepped out of the car while holding a handgun and repeatedly pulled the trigger.

He fled the area a few minutes later and drove away in his white Pontiac G6, local news outlets reported.

According to witnesses, the vehicle had tinted windows and temporary tags.

No one has been hurt during the attack that was caught on camera surveillance.

“He reached in the car for something and that’s when I found he had a gun. He put it under his arm, trying to hide it from me. He put it under his arm, holding the gun, and then I started walking away, thinking that it’s time for me to hide from the gun until he started shooting,” one of the boys told reporters.

“That’s when I started running after him (11-year-old neighbor) to tell him to go into the house and I ran into the backyard, and I told my mom to come to the backdoor.”

Anyone with information is urged to call 330-375-2490.