Waning days of election race see rising cyberattacks on Louisiana governmental offices

1 month ago

Louisiana news, US news.

Authorities in Louisiana had to ask for the National Guard’s help to stem a series of cyberattacks that targeted several governmental offices during the last few weeks.

The incidents, according to a familiar source that requested anonymity, are feared to be an attempt from foreign adversaries to intervene in the election race as it winds up.

Officials, the source continues, are worried about the extent of hackers’ ability to intrude and disrupt voting.

The digital attacks that breached Louisiana’s government networks involved a remote Trojan, or RAT, which is a sort of malware that is used to prepare the scene for further attacks.

The tool called “KimJongRat” isn’t essentially linked to North Korea, researchers said, since it can easily and freely be found on many sites.

As for now, cyber-criminals have not been identified, and therefore, the sources their working for remain unknown.

According to Reuters, the National Guard controlled the sabotage before it spreads beyond the state.

Last month, Washington State lived the same experience when cyberattacks breached several governmental offices with the aim to extract massive payments through ransomware.