Trump’s performance at final debate may pull undecided voters into his camp

3 month ago

Nashville news, Tennessee news.

A calmer, more constructive performance was delivered yesterday by the President during his final debate with Democratic candidate Joe Biden compared to their previous face-off that was more like a “mess.”

Trump was persuasive, respectful towards his opponent, and the moderator even politely asking for an opportunity to reply, which is an absolute difference of the offensive Politician he always was.

Republicans were relieved by the POTUS handling of the discussion through the six critical matters that were suggested and particularly him acknowledging his bad management of the pandemic response.

“His performance last night did what it needed to do to let the Senate candidates win or lose their own races,” Rep. Sen. Lamar Alexander. “I didn’t see any drag created.”

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  • The Republicans really needed such a boost with Election Day looming and worrisome poll results.

    “The president’s job 10 days out is to convince voters that Joe Biden would decimate American industries, pack the courts and send small businesses back into coronavirus lockdowns,” Trump’s campaign adviser said.

    “He’s screwing himself with the Hunter Biden stuff and he needs to cut it out.”

    Another Republican adviser wondered: “Why didn’t he do this in the first debate?”