Obama to rally support for Biden in battleground states

1 month ago

US news.

Former President Barack Obama is planning to campaign for Democratic candidate Joe Biden and leave the sideline to end Trump’s presidency.

Obama is scheduled to attend his first campaign intervention on Wednesday in Philadelphia, something he was initially reluctant to do.

“Former presidents tend not to delve too deeply into politics and certainly not the politics of their successors,” the adviser to Obama, David Axelrod, said.

“I think that was his plan, but Trump changed that plan.”

The campaign trail of Obama will include several swing states that are currently voting and his efforts will particularly target Black men and immigrants.

“He doesn’t view it as a personal grudge match with Trump,” Axelrod added. “He views it as an existential matter for the country and for democracy.”

On Tuesday night, Obama took to Twitter to voice his support for Biden.

“I trust him to be a great president. He’s different. He’s on the right side of the issues. He’ll get the job done.”