Missing Florida mom-of-3 last spotted shopping at Walmart found dead in submerged car

2 months ago

Orlando news, Florida news.

The search for a beloved Florida mom and yoga instructor came to a tragic end after Orange County Police announced the discovery of her registered car submerged in a retention pond with a body inside.

The identity of the corpse is yet to be confirmed but detectives believe Stephanie Hollingsworth is the deceased person.

The mom of three sons has left her Belle Isle residence on September 25 at 2 p.m. and went shopping at a Walmart after withdrawing $20 cash from an ATM.

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  • Surveillance footage caught Hollingsworth shopping at the store and leaving without displaying any signs of distress or trouble.

    “She is an amazing person, an amazing mother. She’s a beautiful soul and just gave everything she had to everyone in her life,” husband Scott Hollingsworth said.

    “A lot of people loved her, and anyone could always count on her.”