New Jersey man arrested less than half-an-hour after being released on bond

3 month ago

Fairfield news, New Jersey news.

A 37-year-old man already jailed for drug and larceny offenses was booked again a few minutes after his release on the charges, Fairfield Police said.

On October 8, Lawrence Crook was apprehended in Fairfield on drug possession charges after police received a tip reporting him acting strangely while sitting in a black SUV that it was believed to be stolen from a Queens’s car dealership.

“He was seen loading several blue and white striped bags into the vehicle,” according to Fairfield police Lt. Antonio Granata.

“When he was confronted by a witness, a brief conversation ensued, and the male quickly fled on foot which prompted a call to police.”

Camera surveillance caught the entire incident which helped to identified Crook: “Officers later confirmed it to be the same suspect through surveillance video, a police K-9 track, witness identification and suspect admission.”

He was arrested but later released after posting bail. He was expected to return to Bridgeport Superior Court on October 29.

That same day, Crook was caught wandering around the Fairfield Fire Department headquarters.

A lieutenant inside the station spotted him ransacking a fireman’s belongings less than-an-hour following his initial release. Crook was arrested again on burglary and trespassing charges.