Uncommon weather conditions: Record-breaking wildfire consumes Colorado as Ohio awakes to chilling cold

3 month ago

Colorado news, US news.

Several alerts, sometimes contradictory, have been issued across the American States as different parts of the country were living under fire and frost as of Saturday morning.

Colorado has recorded its largest wildfire ever that has reduced to ashes more than 173,000 acres with 1,300 firefighters battling the flames.

Mandatory evacuations are in process in hard-hit Larimer County though officials say that over 57% of the blaze is under control.

The fire danger, however, continues for Saturday in Colorado and 10 other states from Indiana to California, due to gusty winds and low humidity.

Experts say that the fire weather will be “critically” risky in those areas for the weekend.

But as the Midwest struggle with a fire, smoke, and low air quality; people from Montana, Minnesota, and across states are expecting winter weather for an upcoming couple of days.

Snowfall can reach 6 inches in Wyoming and Montana while chilling winds in the 30s and blasting at 40 mph are in the forecast across Ohio and the Northeast.