Indiana grandma inflicted severe torture to little girl, scalded & disfigured her because she ‘wet herself’

3 month ago

Boone County news, Indiana news.

An Indiana grandmother has admitted guilt in the brutal torture she inflicted on her toddler granddaughter last April.

50-year-old Gretta Feil was ordered to serve 12 years behind bars after pleading guilty to two counts of aggravated battery.

It happened a few days ahead of Easter when Feil took the victim and her brother to her Boone County apartment and refused to bring them back to their Alabama home, claiming state lines were closed due to Covid lockdown.

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  • One day while still in her grandmother’s care, the girl wet herself while sleeping prompting Feil to punish her by scalding her with hot water in a shower. The water reached 137°F and caused the girl severe burns.

    Neighbors and witnesses recalled hearing screams as the evil grandma hit the child with a backscratcher and took to the shower.

    The girl sustained significant burns all over her body as well as bruises and bleeding under the skin. The abuse could have been fatal and led her to get trouble walking for weeks.