Suicidal Washington officer drives to ex-girlfriend’s home; shoots her and himself dead

7 month ago

Vermont news, US news.

A married part-time police officer at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office has made his way to his ex-girlfriend’s house while on duty and fatally shot her before he turned the gun on himself last Wednesday afternoon.

Responding officers found Julie Fandino, 51, dead inside her Barre Town property after being shot several times by her ex-boyfriend, Jeffery Strock, who was also found lifeless next to her.

The victim’s adult daughter was home when the shooting occurred but she was unharmed.

According to reports, Strock got married after breaking up with Fandino who he dates for almost five years.

During over two decades with law enforcement, no disciplinary action has been recorded against Stroke.

However, his relatives said that he began struggling with some mental health issues in recent months.

“There are some hints of depression and self-harm certainly came about, but those people who had that information didn’t necessarily – I don’t know what they did with it,” Vermont State Police Major Dan Trudeau said in a statement Thursday.

“Maybe it could have been helped if some of the information was passed along.”