Fourth-grader suspended after teacher spotted BB gun in his room during virtual test

4 month ago

Jefferson Parish news, Louisiana news.

The family of a 9-year-old boy is outraged after he was suspended from school for six days because the teacher spotted a BB gun inside his room during a virtual test.

The lawyer speaking on behalf of Ka Mauri Harrison’s family said that the school had no right to apply its policy on a student who was not on campus.

The fourth-grader was being tested during a virtual class on September 11 when his sibling who shared the same bedroom stepped on the weapon that belonged to Ka Mauri.

The student picked up the firearm and placed it next to him prompting the school to contact his family and announce his expulsion for “possession of a starter gun or a facsimile.”

A school hearing determined that the boy was guilty of showing the BB gun while online with other students and determined a 6-day suspension as a punishment.

“We do not comment on individual student records,” Jefferson County Parrish Schools responded. “Regarding discipline, it is our policy that teachers and administrators may employ reasonable disciplinary and corrective measures to maintain order.”