Boy, 9, slips into waters after losing consciousness from fatal carbon monoxide poisoning

1 month ago

Oklahoma news, US news.

The grieving family of a 9-year-old boy who died from what appeared to be drowning has now to deal with autopsy findings that revealed he had 72 percent of carbon monoxide in his system.

Andrew Free died last June after slipping into waters of Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma as he sat in the back of the family boat.

“He was at the back of our Malibu Skier most of the day,” Andy’s distraught mom wrote on Facebook. “Boats, even moving, create a backdraft of exhaust. I didn’t know this. No one I know knew this. It’s called open-air carbon monoxide poisoning.”

“Our little Andy, our Dude, was probably slowly dying that afternoon/evening and we didn’t know it. He would’ve been tired. His head would’ve started to hurt.”

Andy’s older brothers also suffered dizziness and nausea but survived. His mom believes her youngest child couldn’t be saved.

“He was so severely brain-damaged that he likely would’ve passed away in his sleep on the way home, No medicine could’ve been done at this point. Don’t let Andy’s death be in vain. Educate yourself and educate your friends and family.”