Illinois trooper sold military equipment for years, faces up to 300 months behind bars

1 month ago

Yorkville news, Illinois news.

Illinois authorities have charged a state trooper with selling military equipment to several buyers across states and he is now facing 300 months behind bars.

Marine Trooper Rafael Montalvo was arrested on Friday and charged with conspiracy, theft of government property, and transporting stolen goods between states.

The charges carry a maximum sentence of 300 months or 25 years in prison if convicted.

The crime has begun in March 2018 and remained until Montalvo’s arrest. The 31-year-old allegedly received money from buyers and paying comrades who helped n the operations.

Among the stolen items were avionics and electronic testing devices from several U.S. Marine Corps aircraft squadrons in North Carolina.

“Montalvo is charged with violation of theft of government property, interstate transportation of stolen goods, and conspiracy to undertake those crimes,” a statement from the attorney’s office said.