‘Sweetest person on bipolar meds’ stabs girlfriend dead while off-meds and is still at large

1 month ago

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New York authorities are looking for a 33-year-old man with bipolar disorder who fatally stabbed his girlfriend in the Inwood neighborhood in Manhattan a few days after being released from prison, news outlets reported.

On Sept. 17, cops found the lifeless body of 44-year-old Carol Nystrom in her bedroom during a welfare check after an emergency call from her friend.

Nystrom was believed to be killed a couple of days prior to the grisly discovery. Meanwhile, police are seeking people’s help to find her boyfriend, Joshua Martinez, who is considered a suspect in the slaying.

Despite having a long criminal history and issues with the law, the victim kept dating Martinez. He was booked several times for robbery and assault.

In a statement, Carol’s friend said that “She had a very warm heart, and it was impossible for her to believe the worst about anyone.”

“She told me numerous times that when Josh was on his meds, he was the sweetest person,” she added.

The couple’s neighbors heard them several times disputing and sometimes, Carol ran to them to save her life: “They were always arguing. Almost every night, arguing, fighting,” one of them stated.

“We actually called the cops for her,” a neighbor said. “She said her boyfriend was off his meds. She said he was trying to harm her dog. By the time cops got there, he had already fled.”