Man travels from Kentucky to Illinois on bus with suitcases packed with girlfriend’s body parts

1 month ago

Louisville news, Kentucky news.

The family of a Kentucky man made a grisly discovery after unpacking one of three suitcases he brought with him to their Illinois home.

On Monday morning, Melvin Martin Jr. finally got outside the home after spending days guarding the suspicious suitcases that he never opened.

His shocked parents said that they welcomed Martin at their home and unwittingly let him inside without suspecting he hid something.

The man had traveled for five hours on the bus to arrive at his parents’ downtown Chicago residence. The family grew suspicious as he never opened the luggage and foul odor started to emanate in his room.

“There were some early reports of a foul odor coming from the bags,” Police Chief Terry White said. “A human body part was discovered” by relatives who “immediately backed away and called police.”

Authorities said the victim appears to be Martin’s girlfriend and that other body parts were left in Kentucky.

“With the remains, we have here, we have the advantage of dental records, and then of course there is DNA,” White said.

“Of course her upper torso remains in Kentucky, so the level of their forensics, I’m sure, mirrors ours, so I’m quite sure that there’s going to be a positive identification about this victim.”