Democrats lead in three states Republicans hoped to flip: Recent poll reveals

9 month ago

US news.

A recent survey revealed on Saturday that the Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading in three states that Trump’s campaign took for granted.

According to the poll, Biden is leading in Nevada by 46-42, in Minnesota by 50-41, and New Hampshire by 45-42. In addition, the Democratic nominee has a 5-point lead in Wisconsin where Trump has won by less than 1 percent in the last election.

The poll’s advisers see Trump’s campaign as a defensive one trying to maintain the states won in 2016 like Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin but doing little to win other states.

The rivals are spending in some swing states including Minnesota and New Hampshire but Biden again appears to head the race amid the national racial unrest that hit the core of these states.

Republicans are working to at least reach the tolls that allowed him victory in 2016. The President’s efforts have focused on promising a looming vaccine against the coronavirus and highlighting his management of the pandemic.