One third of Americans aren’t ready to get coronavirus vaccine even for free

1 month ago

US news.

A recent poll of more than 7,600 Americans has revealed that one-third of Americans won’t take the coronavirus vaccine even if it were offered for free.

The Gallup survey had 7,632 respondents to a question: “If an FDA-approved vaccine to prevent coronavirus was available right now at no cost, would you agree to be vaccinated?”

65 percent of the surveyed agreed to get the vaccine but the rest, particularly minorities, said they oppose being vaccinated against the deadly bug.

The results came as Dr. Fauci claimed Friday that COVID-19 vaccines won’t be 100% efficient and that safety measures should remain: “The chances of being 98 percent effective are not great. You’ve got to think of the vaccine as a tool to be able to get the pandemic to no longer be a pandemic, but to be something that’s well controlled.”