Brooklyn man fatally stabbed during drug deal walks bleeding before dying blocks away

3 month ago

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A 48-year-old Brooklyn man was profusely bleeding as he walked away from the scene where he was stabbed during a botched drug deal before ultimately collapsing dead on the street.

Investigators believe Telmo Ruiz entered in a dispute over drugs at the second-floor hallway of an Audubon apartment complex at around 6 p.m. Friday. The unidentified suspect grabbed a knife and stabbed Ruiz in the neck and chest.

Ruiz managed to escape while profusely bleeding and walked a block and a half before collapsing dead on the street: “He looked dazed till you saw all the blood down his front,” a witness said. “He was walking covered in blood. He just dropped. He went splat right on his face.”

The victim passed away at Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center. The suspect is still on the run.