NYPD chief and other cops hurt amid a conflict with protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

29 days ago

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Several New York City cops were assaulted and harmed Wednesday as pro-police and anti-police protesters conflicted on the Brooklyn Bridge.

At least four officials were harmed, including Chief of Department Terence Monahan, and 37 individuals were captured, police said. Data on charges was not promptly accessible.

Surveillance video posted via web-based networking media by the police division demonstrated a man on the bridge's pedestrian walkway surging toward a gathering of officials and coming to over a fence to slam their heads with a stick.

Police photographs of the fallout demonstrated a lieutenant with a bloodied face, a criminologist holding a wrap to his head, and a bike official helping an individual official dress a head wound.

Monahan, who a month ago took a knee to show solidarity with protesters, continued wounds to his hand.

He and the other harmed officials were walking with a pro-police group drove by local clergy when they were met on the bridge by anti-police activists, some of whom have been exploring nature outside City Hall in recent weeks to request serious cuts to police financing.

A few people in the pro-police bunch walked with a flag that stated, "We Support the NYPD." The pioneer of that gathering said they were requiring a conclusion to an ongoing spate of violence, including the shooting death of a 1-year-old kid in Brooklyn.

Wednesday's protesters were the most recent in a flood of protests across the nation over since George Floyd was killed May 25 by Minneapolis police.