Mom jailed for helping her kids cheating during an online class

2 months ago

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A previous Canadian Football League player was condemned Wednesday to three months of jail for employing somebody to take the SATs in place of his two children, while a California mother got five weeks in jail for paying $9,000 to have online classes taken for her child's benefit.

David Sidoo, who played professional football for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and BC Lions, brought down his head into his hands and cried as U.S. Region Judge Nathaniel Gorton rebuked him for his activities. Sidoo told the appointed authority he's profoundly embarrassed.

“I make no excuses. I broke the law. I pled guilty to a crime and now I must pay for my actions,” Sidoo said.

Prior Wednesday, Karen Littlefair of Newport Beach, California, approached U.S District Judge Allison Burroughs for mercy before being condemned to over a month in jail for the online course trick. Littlefair said she was genuinely sorry and considered the experience a nightmare for her family.

“I acted out of love for my son but I ended up hurting my son greatly,” said Littlefair, 57.

Both Sidoo and Littlefair appeared before the Boston government court judges by means of videoconference in light of the coronavirus pandemic.