Brothers fatally electrocuted at Arizona Lake; Girlfriend left with burns after tending to them

29 days ago

Maricopa news, Arizona news.

A tragic accident at Lake Pleasant turned a birthday celebration into a horrific scene when two brothers were electrocuted after jumping to waters and their girlfriend and wife screamed for help as helpless bystanders watched.

Timothy Miller, 53, and Michael Miller, 50, were on a boat docked at the Scorpion Bay Marina Sunday when Timothy jumped to the water and immediately started to react strangely as if there was an electrical current in waters. His brother, Michael, tried to help and hopped in, but faced the same current.

Timothy’s girlfriend attempted to intervene but was rescued by people after sustaining leg burns: “She was screaming for help and she stuck her toe in the water. She has burn marks on her feet and legs and thank God that’s it,” her sister said.