Millionaire tech boss found decapitated, dismembered by ‘professional hitman’ at luxurious apartment with power saw still plugged in

29 days ago

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The sister of Fahim Saleh, a 34-year-old millionaire tech boss and CEO of a ride-sharing company, made a horrific discovery when she went check on him on Tuesday afternoon.

Saleh’s body was found headless and dismembered. His legs were cut off and put in plastic bags. His torso was next to other contractor bags and other body parts stuffed in bags at his $2.25million Manhattan apartment. The electric saw used by the killer was still plugged in and no trace of blood was at the scene.

Investigators believe that a man in a suit, black mask and hat entered an elevator with Saleh on Monday carrying a suitcase. When they arrived on the 7th floor, Saleh lost consciousness.

“We have a torso, a head that’s been removed, and legs,” Sgt. Carlos Nieves said. “Everything is still on the scene.”