Louisiana girl, 7, saved in extremis after trio choked, beat and pummeled her for months

29 days ago

Rosepine news, Louisiana news.

A random car crash led authorities to a 7-year-old girl who was being kept at home to hide her injuries and bruises she sustained during months of abuse by three friends.

Dakota Singletary, 22, and Allen Fulks, 22, were involved in a car crash on July 6 prompting Rosepine officers to intervene and while they were doing their job, Stacy Lynn Tharpe, 29, joined the scene with her children. Officer Robert Green knew that the woman had another girl she cared for and asked about her.

When Tharpe struggled to answer, Green and his colleagues went searching her home where they found the child with swollen shut eyes, bruises, and cut off hair: “It’s the worst case of child abuse to occur in Vernon Parish,” police said.

The trio admitted to child abuse charges. The girl is being hospitalized.